Natural herbs that are great help with anxiety dealing

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental illness, whether you are suffering from a lifelong anxiety or simply going through a stressful period different natural herbs can be a great help. Some of them are a good help calming you down, without putting you to sleep.


The Passionflower:

Passionflower shows through some studies to work as good as some medications, that are commonly prescribed to treat anxiety. By the end of some of the study period, both treatments were shown to be in the same way operational.
Passionflower is known to help easing different symptoms such as: anxiety, irritability, and depression for people who are going through withdrawal from drug addiction.

In the first place you can try to drink one cup of passionflower tea three times a day or 90mg of liquid extract a day.

The lavender:

A study of lavender oil compared to anti-anxiety medication has shown that both are effective against generalized anxiety. But lavender hasn’t any sedative side effects.

You can try to take around 80 mg/day of the supplement, or you can also use the lavender oil as an aromatherapy help.

The lemon balm:

Lemon balm combinated with other herbs also has some anti-anxiety powers.
I can be a great help to reduce stress and to improve calmness, even a low dose of lemon balm can help to resolve math problems quickly.

You can use lemon balm in aromatherapy up to dried lemon balm: 300 to 500 mg three times a day, you can also try with 60 drops a day, and lastly use 1/4 to 1 teaspoon of dried lemon balm for a tea four times a day.

The ashwagandha:

People who take ashwagandha show some improvements with anxiety dealing, the levels of the stress hormone can be strongly reduced. And again with these natural method there is no serious side effects.

You can try the typical dosage at first wich is: 300 mg once or twice a day.

The l-theanine:

L-theanine is a water-soluble amino acid, it is found principally in green tea and black tea and it is also found as a supplement. It acts on the brain helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

A cup of tea may be calming but if you want more strong effects you can also try to take is as a supplement around 200 mg a day.


Dissolve away your daily stress by using anti anxiety herbs

Anxiety is currently the most common mental condition suffered by many Americans. In fact the Anxiety and Depression- Association of America has indicated that there are currently forty millions American adults, who are suffering from different types of anxiety disorders.  This medical condition can be treated and nearly one third of the people suffering from anxiety receive medical help. Nowadays there is a growing trend to use natural remedies to treat anxiety conditions. Here the natural remedy uses Anti Anxiety Herbs which soothe your mind and remove your stress from it. Few of them are discussed below.

Anti Anxiety HerbsKava

The root of kava herbs have large amount of kavalactones. This compound is very psycho active in nature and they promote a relaxed mind. It is important to understand that there is more than one type of kavalactones in kava. One variation increases the production of GABA. While the other types, stimulates the body to create dopamine. Most manufactures also tend to use the level of kavalactones in their anti-anxiety supplements and this works great to reduce the level of stress a person suffers from. When you take kava, the muscles in your body would be relaxed and this also improves cognitive procedures. The general dosage can be around 100 to 250g of kavalactones. Nowadays this herb is available in pills, supplements and also as kava herbal tea. When you are taking kava for the first time, it would be good to consult a doctor as kava reacts with alcohol and other medicines.

Valerian root

Another popular herb which can dissolve anxiety is Valerian roots. When you take the extracts of Valerian roots, your mind takes a break from stress and then you can think more clearly. The extracts of Valerian roots are available in the market as supplements. Even though there are no concrete studies in this area, but valerian roots work well for many people who have high levels of stress. Most experts feel that the extracts of the roots work on GABA receptors like Kava. Most people suffering from mild to medium anxiety use it daily and enjoy its results.

Passion flower

Another popular anti-anxiety supplements found in the market has passion flower in it. The effects of passion flower as an anti-anxiety herb has been studied and it has been concluded that it does have some side effects which are not as strong as kava. Most experts recommend it for people who have mild anxiety problems and this would help to keep your anxiety at bay. Some varieties of passion flower have beta- carboline harmala alkaloids. This works like antidepressants in any ways. The passion maypop flower has been researched to a large extent and is compared to oxazepam. The dosage that you would need to use is around 90g.

It is very important to understand that you should speak to an expert before you consume any one of these anti anxiety herbs. Herbs like Kava are powerful and they might affect you in many ways. Thus be cautious when you take them.

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